Customer Acceptance of Internet Service

Welcome to Inyo Networks customer acceptance page.  By now Inyo has pre-installed and activated your 1 gigabit Internet service.  We hope that we have provided you, the customer, with a superior product and outstanding service.  

Got Netflix, Amazon, Apple TV, Hulu?  No problem, Inyo supports all types of streaming services.  Or, if you want a traditional channel TV service, sign up for Inyo's Fastpath TV video services.  Please contact our Customer Service team if you would like additional information.  

In the form below, select your address from the drop down box labeled "Street Address".  The City, State, Zip and Email address will be auto-populated for your convenience.  Draw your signature in the Customer Signature box, using either your mouse, finger, or stylus.  Verify that the Customer Accept Date is today's date, and click on "Submit".  A Welcome Letter will be sent via your email address.

Happy Surfing!

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