Nicasio Homeowners!

Inyo Networks is in the construction phase, and fiber is rolling out to your neighborhood.  This web page is designed to give you, the homeowner, a chance to see when your address is targeted to be "Service Ready".  “What is Service Ready?  That’s when the network will be available to supply your home with service.  This means your home will be connected into the operational broadband network through one of two methods; aerial attachments (above ground) or below ground (buried conduit and fiber).

Inyo's Contact Center will contact you, to schedule the installation to your home(s).  Please note, a person over 18 years old must be present when we do the installation inside the house.  

Since the fiber cannot be rolled out all at once, there are planned roll out dates for each address.  In the address field below, start to type in your address, and the address should auto-populate, until you find your address.  Click enter.  In the Service Ready Date range, you will see the approximate date that your address will be "Service Ready".  During this time period, the Contact Center will call or email you for the install date of your service.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact Inyo Networks at 415-630-4287.