Frequently Asked Questions

 Do I need Internet service to order TV, VoIP?

Internet service must be ordered in order to have TV or VoIP, but TV or VoIP are not required to order Internet service

How fast is the Internet Service?

Up to 1 gig Internet service will be offered.  Your actual speed is dependent on the home devices; wifi, and end-user devices.  

Can I order more than 1 Internet Service?

No.  Internet is offered once per household

What is a Set Top Box?

A Set Top Box (STB) is required for every TV in the home.  1 STB is included with either the Basic or Premium package

I have Direct TV now. Do I still need Direct TV if I order Fastpath TV?

No.  Direct TV and Fastpath TV provide TV services.  However, the package type will determine which channels you will receive. 

My current provider offers additional movie channel packages, such as Showtime, and HBO.  I don’t see the additional movie packages in your web site.  Can I order movie channels?

Fastpath Premium includes movie channels as part of the package.  No additional “add on” packages are necessary, and no additional charges.  

I only watch Netflix, Hulu today.  Do I need the TV package?

No.  Only Internet service is required.

Set Top Boxes (STBs) support Hulu and Netflix, so no Roku-type box is required. 

Are HD channels offered? 

Yes, HD channels are included as part of the Basic and Premium package

What is whole house DVR?

With whole house DVR, it’s possible to record a movie, show on one TV, and to replay it on another.

Can I record multiple shows, movies at the same time?

Yes.  It’s based on the amount of data, bandwidth that needs to be recorded at the same time.  HD channels (6 mbs) take up more bandwidth than a Standard Definition (2mb) channel, for example.  A total of 70 mbs can be recorded at a time