Exclusive to Nicasio, CA. 

Inyo Networks will be offering their services to the homeowners of Nicasio!

For the Nicasio residents, lightning fast Internet is almost here!  With speeds up to One Gigabit, it is over 10 times faster than the best cable systems, wireless or satellite services provided in our area today.  Inyo has partnered with the Nicasio homeowners Association to lay an all fiber-based service, offering the most advanced Internet products at residential prices.  

This project has just begun construction, with completion projected to be by spring 2018.  While many customers have prepaid for internet service, enrollment in month to month services can begin now.  

Internet Service

Inyo Networks will be offering up to One Gigabit (GB) of Internet service over an all fiber network.  

Internet Speeds:

  • 1 Gigabit Internet Speed

  • 100 Megabit Internet Speed

Internet Service includes:

  • One GigaCenter Next Generation Residential Gateway - which provides both wired and wireless Internet service throughout the house

  • 80211AC Wifi

  • Four Gig-E Ports

Voice Over IP phone service

With Inyo's Voice Over IP  (VoIP) phone service, you get crystal clear voice calls all over the nation at one low price.  At just one price, all local and nationwide calls are free.

Voice Over IP phone includes:

  • One telephone number

  • Unlimited local, nationwide calling

  • Caller ID, 3-way calling, call waiting

  • Keep your existing phone number (Free porting)

Fastpath TV

Inyo Networks offers an all digital TV service.  

  • Fastpath TV Premium - 270+ channels, which includes the local channels as well as national channels like ESPN, Disney, the A&E network and more. Premium also includes High Definition channels and movie channels.

  • The Premium package includes:

    • 1 Set Top Box - (needed to connect to each of your TVs)

    • Whole House DVR - to record your favorite movies and shows, to watch them when you want to watch them, from any TV in the house.

  • Additional Set Top Boxes are available for an additional fee


Sales Order Form

Inyo has a new website to order residential products and services! To order residential products and services online, please click on the below URL:


Once the order has been submitted, an Inyo representative will contact you, to confirm the order information.

Customer Self Service

Inyo is now offering a new way to view and pay for your bill! Please click on the URL below to gain access to Inyo’s new self-service page. Once logged in, you can view your bill, make a payment, and view your payment history.


Legal Notice: By Clicking on Submit you agree to the Terms and Conditions/Agreement outlined on Inyo Networks website (Legal Notice)

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Nicasio Broadband Network (NBN) Project?

The Nicasio Broadband Network project is a local, collaborative effort between Nicasio Landowners Association and Inyo Networks to bring the best possible broadband services to Nicasio. In its first phase the project combines grant funding and local investment to construct and operate an open-access, gigabit “fiber to the premises” (FTTP) network serving 220+ residences in Nicasio with ultra-high-speed internet, video and voice services (aka a “triple play” offering). Our goal is to serve every residence and organization in Nicasio.  In later phases, this network may provide a base for the expansion of high speed internet to other underserved parts of West Marin. 

What is the current status of the Nicasio Broadband Network project?

In July 2016, the California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC) awarded Inyo Networks a grant for 60% of the estimated $2.5m capital costs to deploy Nicasio’s core FTTP network.  In its award, the CPUC gave stakeholders one year (until July 2017) to raise the required 40% match amount of $1m. 

What's the plan to raise the $1M matching funds for the grant?

Our funding strategy includes two main elements:  an optional pre-payment for services and if necessary a private debt offering to a select group of area investors. This two-part strategy provides important flexibility that will maximize our chances of successfully raising the needed matching funds.  This agreement package that you received in the mail is the first phase of the funding solicitation.

When will the network be ready for service?

Assuming we are successful in raising the required matching funding by the July funding deadline the network could be ready for service by the end of 4rd quarter 2017.

How will I benefit?

Residents, local business, and the school will benefit in several ways:

Improved Internet Service Quality -- Struggling to stream Amazon or Netflix? Want to work from home but can’t with your current service? Gigabit fiber is the highest speed and most reliable residential internet service available anywhere.  And don’t worry about data caps; there are none. 

Enhanced Property Value and Salability – Access to fiber optic based services will increase the value of your home, especially for those locations that currently have severely limited service options. Overall, studies suggest property values should increase by 3-5% at the low end, and local realtors already describe Nicasio dropping out of an increasing number of buyer’s areas of interest due to lack of broadband availability.

Monthly Cash Savings -- Monthly fees for services will be substantially lower than most Nicasio residents are currently paying. Current estimates suggest substantial savings for the average household currently subscribing to “triple play” services. 

Improved Cellular Service – for those residents with poor cell phone signal strength the addition of a carrier microcell base station over the fiber optic internet connection will allows the option to eliminate your land line connection.

How will the monthly prepayment plan work?

Inyo Networks will offer 5, 10 and 20 year monthly Internet service prepayment plans with tiered monthly discounts based on the term selected. In return, prepaid customers will receive a discount credit applied on their monthly Internet service bill based on their prepayment term.

How much are the monthly discount credits? 

Depending on the term prepaid, the monthly internet discount credit can amount to 50% or more off the $89.95 non-prepayment rate. However, all taxes and regulatory surcharges will be calculated and applied at the un-discounted $89.95 rate.

How will the prepayment option be administered?

During the preconstruction sign up period all prepayment funds received will be deposited in a 3rd party escrow account established by the Nicasio Land Owners Association. In the event the project does not move forward due to a lack of interest, all funds will be returned to the prepaid subscribers without interest. Once the project construction is underway, prepayment funds will be used to fund the network construction work and will be secured by a surety guaranteed performance bond in the event that Inyo Networks fails to deliver the Internet services as promised.

Finally once in service, the Nicasio Landowners Association has agreed to act as a 3rd party agent representative on behalf of all prepaid customers in the event of a customer service issue or payment dispute with Inyo Networks.

What other benefits do prepaid subscribers receive?

Prepaid internet service comes with a rate lock guarantee which ensures no rate increases in your basic Internet service rate for the life of the prepayment contract. Additional benefits to prepaid customers include: no data usage caps so you can surf the web, download and stream all the content you want along without worrying about data limits.  Your data will be delivered over a network neutral connection that assures that your downloaded content is delivered to your device without any service provider induced class of service delay no matter how much data you download.

Finally, Prepaid Internet service customers receive stated service level guarantees as a standard part of their prepaid service agreements and those service level guarantees are contractually protected for the term of your prepaid service agreement.

What services will be credited under the prepayment plan?

Only basic one (1) gigabit Internet service will be credited under the prepayment plan. All other offerings such as voice, video and 100Mb Internet service will be available at standard rates.

What happens to my prepayment if I move or discontinue service?

The prepayment credit will be assigned to the property address served by the fiber optic connection for the duration of the plan and is transferable to a new owner in the event of a property sale. The application of the prepayment credit will commence the first month the network service is available to a property and continues without interruption until the prepayment term is exhausted. If the property owner or tenant discontinues or cancels their internet service the credit will continue to be amortized without any compensation to the prepayment customer.

Can I take advantage of the prepayment offer at a later time?

No. The prepayment is being offered as a limited, one-time homeowner incentive to raise the matching funds necessary to qualify for the grant.

Do I need to subscribe to the Internet pre-payment plan to receive internet service from the Nicasio Broadband Network?

No, you do not need to subscribe to the Internet prepayment plan in order to receive Internet service from the network once it is built. We realize that our prepaid offering may not be a fit for all Nicasio residents however without sufficient prepayments the project cannot proceed and no service will be offered.  Once the grant matching fund requirement has been satisfied and the decision to proceed with the network construction is confirmed we will be contacting all the Nicasio residents again to offer month to month Internet, video and voice services.

The agreement I was sent only discusses prepaid Internet Service. How do I sign up for Telephone and Video services from the network?

Once the matching funds are raised and construction is underway you will be contacted about subscribing to other services available over the network. Initially our emphasis is on achieving high subscription rates for the Internet services since the intent of the CPUC CASF grant program is to facilitate access to high speed Internet services into California’s served and underserved areas. High speed Internet access is recognized by the CPUC as an enabling technology that drives public benefits and economic development into the areas served. Our service subscription rates for video and voice telephone services while of interest to the CPUC/CASF staff for network sustainability purposes is not their emphasis in determining the effectiveness of their grant awards.

If I elect not to prepay is a term contract for service required?

Not for Internet or voice services. Video service, which requires one or more DVRs, will require a 2-year commitment and early termination fees may apply.  Also a homeowner must subscribe to the 1 Gb Internet data service to receive HD video services.

Which homes can receive fiber optic service?

In its first phase, the project will bring fiber to approximately 220 residences and businesses. The fiber system is designed to extend from roughly the County’s Corporation Yard on the north, all of Rancho Santa Margarita on the east and Moon hill on the south.

How many fibers strands will my property service drop have?

Our fiber drops will have a minimum of two fibers connected back to our primary switching node with only one of those fibers required to support all your services combined. We are connecting each property with two fibers so that future service upgrades to 10 Gb service will be easily supported. 

 I live on a large lot, are their limits on how far onto my property you will bring your cable?

In order to receive service the property owner must provide a path and structure (poles/conduit and right of way) on their property for our fiber optic drop cable to locations where they want service. For most customers this will mean that we follow the existing telephone company cable path to your house.  Customers with service drop lengths greater than 750 feet may be subject to additional cable footage charges. Also customers with direct buried telephone service drops or congested/damaged telephone conduit on their property may need to have a new path and structure created at their expense.

If I need to have structure built or repaired on my property can you do that work when I get my service installed?

We would be happy to discuss your property access alternatives and provide a price quote to construct or repair any needed access structure. Inyo Networks can directionally bore, open trench (shallow/deep) or plow in conduit and install telephone poles if necessary.

Can I build my own structure facilities?

Absolutely, we would be happy to discuss your plans and provide a material and construction specification for your use. In addition if you are planning to do your own work we can include your material in our order to minimize your delivery charges.

I have a cottage/shop on my property can I have a second service delivered to that location?

A second location on your property can be served with either a second service drop for an additional charge or if it is in close enough proximity to your primary service location (100M/328F) you can extend your primary service over twisted pair Category 6 copper cabling. Also please be aware that if you want service to the second location billed separately a second drop will be required. As with your primary service connection location the property owner will be responsible for providing a path and structure to the second location.

In the future I will be subdividing my property, can I have the fiber optic cable extended to my planned location when you are doing the initial network construction?

Yes we would be happy to include your future requirements in our construction plans. For an additional one time charge we can extend additional service drop fiber onto your property for service to your proposed location(s). As with your primary service connection location the property owner will be responsible for providing a path and structure to the second location.

I may want to add service to a location on my property in the future but I don’t want to pay to have another service drop installed can I give you a forecast for my requirements?

Yes we would be very interested in knowing any potential development plans as it aids us in planning our terminal locations and sizing our backbone cable. Please keep in mind that when you order service to those planned locations a construction charge may apply

What is the connection fee for each household?

For all Nicasio households in the phase one build out there will be no service connection fee associated with establishing your service. It is important to understand, however, that this project will NOT happen unless we are able to raise the required match.

Can I receive another Internet Service Provider’s (ISP) service over the NBN and will my prepayment still apply?

In the future it may be possible to receive another ISP’s basic internet service over the Nicasio network; however the monthly Internet prepayment credit will not apply.

Why is your prepaid Internet service agreement package so many pages?

Your service agreement package is actually five separate documents and agreements that need to be reviewed and signed by you. While our typical Inyo Networks residential service agreement is not this voluminous, the involvement of the CPUC grant process along with NLOA’s role in administering the escrow funds necessitates an agreement package that is unusually large.

The five documents and agreements are:

1)    The Master Service Agreement which covers the general terms of your service.

2)    The Prepaid Residential Internet Services Agreement (Addendum A) which specifically covers the terms of your prepaid internet service

3)    The Gigabit Internet Service Prepayment Schedule (Addendum B) which details the term and price of your prepaid internet service

4)    The Escrow Account Agreement (Addendum C) which allows your prepayment funds to be deposited in the NLOA escrow account.

5)    The NLOA Agency Agreement (Addendum D) which allows the Nicasio Land Owners Association to act as your representative to resolve any common interest issues with your Inyo Networks/ Nicasio Broadband Network service.

How do I start?

Please see the order process flow chart for instructions to begin the prepayment process. If you have any questions regarding where to sign or your service please contact us at (415) 630-4287 or stop by our downtown Nicasio pop up service center on Saturdays. Also once your agreements and payment is ready to go give us a call and we will arrange to stop by and pick them up.

What's next?

Once we meet the match funding requirement the project construction can get underway. Only a high enrollment rate can support the $1 million investment required. We estimate that we need 185 residences (85% of total eligible households) to enroll for the project to move forward.

In closing, Let us add that we are looking forward to serving the Nicasio area and will keep you informed as our prepayment drive progresses.