Bolinas, CA. 

Inyo Networks will be offering their services to the homeowners of Bolinas, CA.  

Inyo Networks has been awarded a state grant fund to provide Internet, Video and Voice services to the community of Bolinas, Ca.  The grant funding does not cover the entire cost of the project, so additional funding is required in order to start the project.  Acquiring private funding is the current plan to make up the difference, and is in progress.   

Internet Service

Inyo Networks will be offering up to One Gigabit (GB) of Internet service over an all fiber network.  

Internet Speeds:

  • 1 Gigabit Internet Speed

  • 100 Megabit Internet Speed

Internet Service includes:

  • One GigaCenter Next Generation Residential Gateway - which provides both wired and wireless Internet service throughout the house

  • 80211AC Wifi

  • Four Gig-E Ports

Voice Over IP phone service

With Inyo's Voice Over IP  (VoIP) phone service, you get crystal clear voice calls all over the nation at one low price.  At just one price, all local and nationwide calls are free.

Voice Over IP phone includes:

  • One telephone number

  • Unlimited local, nationwide calling

  • Caller ID, 3-way calling, call waiting

  • Keep your existing phone number (Free porting)

For questions, inquires or additional information on Bolinas, please contact: 415-943-6868. 

If you live in the Bolinas area, and would like to know more about the project, please fill out the Service Inquiry form below.  We will be happy to send you project updates during the life of the project.  At the end of the form, please check all products and services that you are interested in Inyo providing.  Please note, that this is not an order form, it's only an inquiry.  You are under no obligation to buy at this time.  Once you've filled out the form, click on the "Submit" button.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the current status of the Bolinas Network project?

In May 2018, the California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC) awarded Inyo Networks a grant for $1.8m for the capital costs to deploy Bolinas' core FTTP network.  Additional funding is required in order to complete the project.  The current plan is to obtain private funding for the remaining capital costs of the project.

How will I benefit?

Residents, local business, and the school will benefit in several ways:

Improved Internet Service Quality -- Struggling to stream Amazon or Netflix? Want to work from home but can’t with your current service? Gigabit fiber is the highest speed and most reliable residential internet service available anywhere.  And don’t worry about data caps; there are none. 

Enhanced Property Value and Salability – Access to fiber optic based services will increase the value of your home, especially for those locations that currently have severely limited service options. Overall, studies suggest property values should increase by 3-5%.

Monthly Cash Savings -- Monthly fees for services will be substantially lower than most Bolinas residents are currently paying. Current estimates suggest substantial savings for the average household currently subscribing to “triple play” services. 

How many fibers strands will my property service drop have?

Our fiber drops will have a minimum of two fibers connected back to our primary switching node with only one of those fibers required to support all your services combined. We are connecting each property with two fibers so that future service upgrades to 10 Gb service will be easily supported. 

 I live on a large lot, are their limits on how far onto my property you will bring your cable?

In order to receive service the property owner must provide a path and structure (poles/conduit and right of way) on their property for our fiber optic drop cable to locations where they want service. For most customers this will mean that we follow the existing telephone company cable path to your house.  Customers with service drop lengths greater than 750 feet may be subject to additional cable footage charges. Also customers with direct buried telephone service drops or congested/damaged telephone conduit on their property may need to have a new path and structure created at their expense.

If I need to have structure built or repaired on my property can you do that work when I get my service installed?

We would be happy to discuss your property access alternatives and provide a price quote to construct or repair any needed access structure. Inyo Networks can directionally bore, open trench (shallow/deep) or plow in conduit and install telephone poles if necessary.

Can I build my own structure facilities?

Absolutely, we would be happy to discuss your plans and provide a material and construction specification for your use. In addition if you are planning to do your own work we can include your material in our order to minimize your delivery charges.

I have a cottage/shop on my property can I have a second service delivered to that location?

A second location on your property can be served with either a second service drop for an additional charge or if it is in close enough proximity to your primary service location (100M/328F) you can extend your primary service over twisted pair Category 6 copper cabling. Also please be aware that if you want service to the second location billed separately a second drop will be required. As with your primary service connection location the property owner will be responsible for providing a path and structure to the second location.

In the future I will be subdividing my property, can I have the fiber optic cable extended to my planned location when you are doing the initial network construction?

Yes we would be happy to include your future requirements in our construction plans. For an additional one time charge we can extend additional service drop fiber onto your property for service to your proposed location(s). As with your primary service connection location the property owner will be responsible for providing a path and structure to the second location.

I may want to add service to a location on my property in the future but I don’t want to pay to have another service drop installed can I give you a forecast for my requirements?

Yes we would be very interested in knowing any potential development plans as it aids us in planning our terminal locations and sizing our backbone cable. Please keep in mind that when you order service to those planned locations a construction charge may apply

What is the connection fee for each household?

For all Bolinas households no service connection fee associated with establishing your service. It is important to understand, however, that this project will NOT happen unless we are able to raise the required match.

What's next?

Once we meet the match funding requirement the project construction can get underway. 


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