Inyo Networks represents a fundamental CHANGE in telecommunications.

We are moving forward, away from the typical "Ma (Bells)'s phone company" and redefining how to do things better, more efficiently, in order to keep up with changes in technology and the global digital economy.  For every telecom business practice, we took the question: "why" one step further, and asked "why not"?  

How are we different?

Inyo Networks sells IP (Internet Protocol) from the ground up. Unlike other networks, we started with an all fiber network, that means no copper and none of the limitations that come with it.  With this strong foundation, we created efficient operational processes and dynamic applications to support our top priority, the customer.  This represents products that are flexible and easily adapted to keep up with a fast paced, technology driven market.  Services can be installed in days, not weeks or months.

Customers are Number 1.

Our products are easy to understand, and easy to bill.  No more complex telecom jargon or confusing fees that don't make sense to the customer. You want Internet?  Let us know where and how fast you want to get there. We will put together a comprehensive price for you that includes everything from construction and equipment, to service.

Mission Statement:  To reinvent the traditional telecommunication market by creating disruptive pricing, products, and deployment strategies, in order to future-proof technology development and innovation ecosystems.